Summer Walking Guide

28th Jul 2020

Start Your New Forest Adventure...

The scented scenery of the New Forest National Park wakes the senses as the winter greys become a distant memory. The wash of colour of this unique landscape is a long-awaited sight which paints the picture of the arrival of summer.

New Forest Facts

  1. The New Forest is famous for its roaming ponies who meander quietly through country villages, as well as wandering the heathland
  2. There are over 1,500 ancient trees in the New Forest with some over 1000 years old
  3. The National Park is home to the largest expanse of heathland in Europe
  4. As well as ponies, Highland cattle, fallow, roe, sika and red deer also roam freely
  5. Other notable wildlife includes 13 of Britain’s 18 species of bat and a clutch of rare dragonflies


Live like a local - Secret spots of the forest

Discover these secret locations during your New Forest adventure, as recommended by staff at Careys Manor Hotel & SenSpa:

Recommended by Spa Director, Lina Lotto

“Travel down the B3055 to Hatchet Pond to admire the parallel reflection of the trees in the lake before watching the sun go down. Or arrive early on a brisk summer's morning and watch the mist blanketing the tranquil waters.”

Recommended by Wedding Coordinator, Françoise Gysemans

“Travel through the village of Brockenhurst, along Rhinefield Road and past the Black Knoll House and you will come across the ancient Puttles Bridge. For real peace and quiet, keep walking up the river where you’ll spot a secret, fairy-tale like glen.”

Recommended by General Manager, Steve Woodrow

“Located just 1.8 miles from Brockenhurst along Burley Road, park close by and head up the hill at Hincheslea. Rather than taking the tourist routes just keep walking until you get to the very top of the hill. The look back from the top at Hincheslea is beautiful.”

A Forest Walk From Careys Manor 

Brockenhurst to Beechen lane - Distance: 6.5 miles Grade: Medium/some hills

1. Come out of the hotel and turn right, heading down the A337 towards the Balmer Lawn Hotel.

2. Just before the hotel turn right down Balmer Lawn Road and bear left at way-marked sign number ‘31’ (Beaulieu/ Lyndhurst) up the gravel track to the “Standing Hat” car park. Keep left towards car park, up slight incline.

3. At the top of the car park go through the gate and immediately take the right at way-marked sign ‘32’.

4. Continue straight on at crossroads with way-marked sign ‘33’.

5. Through two gates and straight on.

6. At T junction turn left and continue straight on through gate towards the top of hill and join the tarmac surface.

7. Continue for 200m until turning left onto a gravel track. Proceed through a gate and into Forest Inclosure.

8. At way-marked sign ‘34’ turn right.

9. After 1/2 mile turn right at T junction then through a gate and turn left, continue on past way-marked sign ‘36’ (Lyndhurst) to boxed gate and way-marked sign ‘37’. Go through the boxed gate and onto Beechen Lane.

10. Finish at the end of this road on the outskirts of Lyndhurst, often described as the capital of the New Forest.

11. To return to the hotel, you can either make the same route back or catch a bus from Beechen Road back to the hotel.

The New Forest in the perfect backdrop to a country break with wonderful food, reviving poolside relaxation and a refreshing spring cocktail to round off the day. There’s no summer escape like a Careys Manor summer escape.



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