Start Your 2018 Wellness Journey

27th Dec 2017

If you’ve ever made a New Year’s Resolutions list you’ll know the feeling of excitement, motivation and determination as the 1st January draws closer. Determination is key as unfortunately so many of us are guilty of quitting; perhaps we simply over-promise ourselves and in turn, underdeliver? Or maybe we’re not looking at what we really need to change about our lives to make it better and most importantly, happier.

So don’t write a list this year. How about following these simple steps instead?

Start Your 2018 Wellness Journey | Careys Manor & SenSpa

Offline is the new luxury

Put your phone away; away from your hands and away from your mind. Break away from social media, addictive games and fake news. A digital detox is a fabulous way of reconnecting with your own mind and people around you plus it gives your poor scroll happy fingers a rest!

Start your digital detox at our New Forest spa. Whilst mobiles aren’t banned as such, we do encourage our guests to keep them in their lockers giving you an opportunity to stay focused on relaxing and not Facebook.

Start Your 2018 Wellness Journey | Careys Manor, New Forest

12 books for 12 months

Any avid book reader will tell you that immersing yourself in a great book can make your brain come alive. From fiction to non-fiction there are incredible books out there waiting to be read and now’s the time to start. How about setting yourself a challenge of reading one a month in 2018?

Escape reality for a chapter or two in the comfort of a luxurious hotel room, or in the tranquil setting of our relaxation room at SenSpa.

Start Your 2018 Wellness Journey | Careys Manor Hotel

Embrace the Power of Wellbeing

Rest is not a luxury, rest is a necessity. Resting your mind and body will keep your soul happy. Make your wellbeing a priority in 2018 with more time for yourself. Invest in a spa day every so often, schedule a quiet time each week to reflect and relax, book a massage to loosen those tight knots, participate in an exercise class to release endorphins or perhaps book a soothing spa break in the New Forest to do all of the above?

Start Your 2018 Wellness Journey | Careys Manor, SenSpa

Discover Mindfulness

Scientists in the US have shown that partaking in mindfulness activities such as meditation and yoga can reduce symptoms of stress by up to 15 per cent! Mindfulness is about focuses on the present moment and this can be demonstrated through activities such as meditation. To help get you started, how about partaking in one of our mind and body classes during your next spa break in the New Forest or spa day?

Start Your 2018 Wellness Journey | Careys Manor

Pamper Time

Those who perceive pampering as an indulgent treat wouldn’t be wrong yet, massages do more than just relax your mind. If you work at a desk and can feel the clicking of knots in your back, the tension in your head or tightness in your neck you may want to book yourself a regular massage. Headaches are often caused by tension in the neck which is why investment in some ‘pamper time’ could not only make you look good, but feel good too!

Start Your 2018 Wellness Journey | Careys Manor's Exotic Retreat

The best part is you won’t need to travel half way around the world to get you started on your 2018 wellbeing journey either. You can experience all the wonders of a wellness retreat right here at Careys Manor Hotel & SenSpa.

Our NEW special offer Spa Break will take your mind and body to a calmer place leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

BOOK NOW or call 01590 624467 now to book your New Forest escape this winter.


Start Your 2018 Wellness Journey | Careys Manor in the New Forest
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