Autumn Micro Wedding Inspiration

30th Sep 2020

There is something magically uplifting and enchanting about the New Forest during autumn and everyone ought to visit to see the magic with their own eyes. With crunching leaves, rich colours and breath taking sunsets, even though weddings have to be kept small right now that doesn't mean they have to be any less beautiful!

Take a look at our autumn micro wedding ideas to get inspired for your special day.

Small Wedding Ideas - Careys Manor

Colour scheme

When planning your autumn wedding, there is no doubt that the colour scheme is going to be one of the biggest parts. With rich reds, fiery oranges, deep burgundies, plums, golds, your wedding will have a bright but sophisticated look. Showcase these rich colours with your ceremony decor or with your table decorations.

Don’t forget that colour isn’t everything – think about the textures, shapes and natural elements such as wood and bark that you can incorporate too. Adding foliage to your bouquet and flowers will also create a timeless look.

Get creative with what you can find

Autumn is a wonderful time to make use the natural resources of the forest. Logs, conkers and pumpkins, together with a little bit of creativity can make for wonderful decorations and centrepieces.


Make your own confetti

At Careys Manor, we only allow environmentally friendly and natural confetti so why not make your own! Spend an afternoon collecting leaves with your other half – a wonderful memory from your wedding preparations. Then, simply find a hole punch in a shape of your choice (hearts and stars are our favourite) and start punching those shapes! They’ll look fabulous in the pictures and are completely environmentally friendly.

Attention to detail

With a smaller guest list, the little details go a long way. Details which show you have thought about your guests will make your dayreally memorable for your guests. If you choose to get married outdoors, think about providing umbrellas in case it rains or blankets for when people start to get cold. Leave a sweet message with them that remind people of why they’re there such as “To have and to hold, in case you get cold”.

Lauren and Same - Outside

Photograph by Robin Goodlad.



As the evening draws in and day light disappears, think about how you can use that to make your wedding breakfast intimate, cosy and special. Fairy lights, lanterns and candles all make wonderfully romantic, cosy ways of lighting up a room, as well as being really easy and inexepnsive to source. They also look fantastic in photos, especially if your photographer likes to get creative!

In need of some more inspiration? Take a look at our Pinterest board.

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Autumn Wedding Inspiration
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