Hotel vs Airbnb

27th Mar 2019

When it’s time to book that getaway or weekend break there are a few choices to make before the relaxing begins. How long are you planning to be away for? Where would you like to visit? And most importantly, would you like a hotel or Airbnb? In the case of the latter, the real question should be, would like to be hands-on or hands-off and feet up? We’re looking at the advantages of a hotel stay and the luxurious extra touch you won’t find any other way.


A home away from home or a luxury hotel?

The first thing to consider is whether you’d like to stay in someone’s home or a luxury hotel. Some Airbnb options are private homes offering self-catering facilities and others are rooms within a home, which can be limiting because if you want to relax, enjoy luxury facilities and great food this means you’ll probably have to go elsewhere to find it.

At a hotel everything is there for you. You have your very own private room or suite and an array of amenities, plus a team of professional staff on hand to ensure your stay exceeds expectations, now isn’t that what a break should be?



Airbnb means you could be in the middle of nowhere or in a residential area, so bear in mind that you may have neighbours, who aren’t on holiday. They’re living their everyday lives, which means there’s no telling when they might choose to mow the lawn, fix the shed or start the building work.

At a hotel you can be certain that everyone around you is there to enjoy the same luxurious experience, so peace and quiet, relaxation and an escape from the everyday are at the top of every priorities list.

Breakfast in bed

Starting your day with a delicious breakfast from the comfort of your bed is a luxury saved for special occasions and getaways. Yes, you can have a breakfast in bed and a cup of tea whilst you’re staying in self-catering accommodation but you’ll have to make it, and if it’s a room in someone’s home, that’s not going to be so easy, or relaxing.

When you stay at a hotel, all you have to do is reach for the newspaper before jumping back into bed to await that wonderful knock at the door telling you that sustenance is oh-so-near. You’re on holiday after all, let us make it special and make you both a wonderful breakfast.


Consistency and reliability

When you get away for a relaxing break you want know what to expect when it comes to cleanliness and service. You can be sure when you stay at a four-star hotel that you’re going to arrive to a clean bedroom with fresh towels, clean linen and complimentary toiletries. And you can enjoy the little touches, like a turn-down service, preparing your room for optimum comfort on your return.

When you visit an Airbnb, you cannot be sure of what you’re going to get, because quite simply, hotels have a far stricter guidelines to follow to ensure consistency and reliability of service and standards with every visit.

24/7 service

No matter whether you have a hankering for a sandwich at 3am or you’re searching for a romantic walking route, at a hotel you can guarantee that there will be someone to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s not an extra service, that is just part of what you can expect with every stay.

The concierge will welcome you as you arrive, assist you with your bags and offer advice about which hotel restaurant you may prefer depending on your requirements or help you plan the perfect surprise picnic in the forest.

In the case of an Airbnb, there is no set standards of service that the hosts must follow and so, this can lead to disappointment (and certainly hungry in the middle of the night).  The owner might be there to welcome you, but you might also be left with a key in a plant pot and a set of dos and don’ts on the kitchen counter. And you may receive wonderful recommendations for nearby restaurants and attractions but there’s also the chance you’ll be left with Google.


Gourmet dining (and zero washing up)

When you escape for a countryside break and you’ve spent the day walking through ancient woodlands and exploring the beautiful trails, the last thing you want to do is shop for food, cook dinner and then do any washing up. Yes, self-catering or sharing a room in a home means washing and tidying up. Of course, you could always jump in the car and go find a local restaurant but then one of you will have to be the designated driver, and where’s the fun in that?

Instead, you could dress up, walk a short way the bar for pre-dinner cocktails and then feast on mouth-watering cuisine. Perhaps you might like to share a bottle of wine, no one’s driving after all, then head to the lounge to relax and have some tea or coffee before a gentle saunter back to the room for your best night’s sleep.


Extensive amenities

Airbnb offers basic amenities and total independence, but that’s about it.  If it’s a luxurious country escape and award-winning facilities you were after, then a hotel is the only answer.

A hotel, such as Careys Manor, offers extensive amenities to make it the perfect getaway. When you make one of our sumptuous bedrooms your ‘home from home’, you’ll also have access to our wonderful leisure facilities, the opportunity to enjoy the award-winning spa, SenSpa, have the choice of three restaurants without having to go anywhere and a superb lounge area to read and relax in all day if that’s what takes your fancy.


An element of your break you want to be able to guarantee is your health and safety, which is one thing you can do when you choose a hotel stay. A hotel is purposely made to be a safe and secure premises. Every room has a secure and reliable lock and only yourself and the trustworthy staff have access to your room, with your approval. Hotels must adhere to strict health and safety regulations and guidelines, including fire procedures and regular inspections. So, you can rest assured that when you stay at a hotel, that your safety is our priority.

When you rent an apartment or room in a home there is no guarantee of security. You have to trust that the stranger you’ve rented it from has taken the necessary precautions to ensure it’s a safe place for you to stay, plus you have no knowledge of how many people have keys and can access your room and belongings. This can leave you feeling uneasy, which is not how a country break should be.

Why not stay at our luxury hotel in the heart of the New Forest and indulge in everything we have to offer from big comfortable beds to delicious locally sourced food and not forgetting unbelievable spa experiences that will leave you feeling relaxed.

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