The Benefits of Holding an Off-Site Meeting

27th Sep 2017

It may seem more cost-effective and convenient to host a meeting on-site, but is keeping your meeting on-site affecting the productivity of the team and dulling the objectives of the meeting?
A change of scenery promotes a fresh mind, which in turn develops new ideas and an alternative point of view.  This enables you and your team to apply a new perspective to the ideas being discussed, without being distracted by your usual tasks. 
Here I’ve outlined just some of the benefits of hosting your next meeting off-site.

A Chance to Really Get to Know Your Colleagues

So much of our time is now spent using emails and telephone calls to communicate with our colleagues.  For that reason, it’s very rare that we actually sit down and have an in-depth face-to-face conversation with our colleagues in an environment outside of the office.  It’s a refreshing change to connect with colleagues and a chance to really get to know each other.  You’ll discover a variety of new things about your fellow employees that you may not ever have discussed, and with everyone in ‘work mode’ as soon as they enter the office it’s time to take your team out.

Good Catering

Good food helps to make you feel energised and satisfied.  Stepping away from the usual workday packed lunch or staff canteen meal can ensure that you’re rewarding your employees for little cost, motivating them to work harder for you.  An off-site meeting is a good way to combine work with reward and your team will feel more enthusiastic simply by being away from their desks. High quality catering is an easy way to look after your employees and is usually included as standard in a delegate package.
At Careys Manor we can provide a variety of delicious cuisine for your delegates from Thai banquets to superfood delights from Spring Green London.
The Benefits of Holding an Off-Site Meeting | Hampshire

Eradicate Distractions & Increase Productivity

Off-site events mean that your team will simply have to manage without you!  They aren’t able to come and disturb you for menial things like they might when you’re on-site, which means that you can really concentrate on completing the work that needs to be done – the reason that you booked your off-site meeting in the first place! 
The time away from the office gets your creative juices flowing, gives you fresh headspace and removes distractions, helping you to really put everything you have into completing the task at hand.

For more information on how we can help with your next off-site meeting, please take a look at our Conference & Corporate Events page or contact Lauren Bond-Thomas on 01590625217 or email
The Benefits of Holding an Off-Site Meeting
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