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5th Apr 2019

It’s May, which means spring, bulbs and sunshine but it also means Mental Health Awareness Month and we’re embracing it wholeheartedly because there are millions of people in the UK experiencing high levels of stress which is causing damage to our physical and mental health. So, we’re talking about making time to escape stress, how to tackle it and why it’s important to care for our physical self. (And if that means relaxing weekends away to escape stress, that is okay!)

Remember you’re in control

Martine Bolton is a Southampton-based trainer, coach and consultant.  Her business ‘Sunshine Corporate & Personal Development’ helps people and organisations to think well, feel well, do well and become happier, healthier, more successful and more prosperous. Martine says we often have more control than we think we do.

“It can be useful to do an inventory of our stressors, asking ourselves which of these we can possibly do something about. We often have more control and choices than we think we do, and can make changes to improve our situation. Often the thought of change feels scary, so we put up with things as they are.


Be kind to yourself

Often during stressful situations we forget to give ourselves a moment to think about the situation and our very real ability to cope. Martine suggests that we create a mantra or positive affirmations that connect with us personally to calm us during stressful situations.

“Just thinking the words “C-a-l-m”, or “P-e-a-c-e”, whilst breathing deeply can help to soothe us instantly.  “I’ve got this” is another great little affirmation. From this calmer place, we can move on to examine the situation, exploring and appraising the options before deciding what actions to take.”   

So, whether the kids are screaming, that all important work deadline is looming or you’re dealing with a complicated house sale, take a moment to escape the kids, escape the stress and practise repeating a mantra that speaks directly to you.

Care for yourself physically to maintain wellness

Stress is principally a physical response to certain life events or situations, so having a healthy, happy body can help to maintain overall health and wellness.

“Exercise, good nutrition, water, sufficient sleep, massage, recreation and ’me’ time are also essential.  Meditation is great for managing stress, as is getting out into nature and getting some fresh air and sunlight – the beach, the forest – we’re spoiled for choice here in the South.  It’s all about balance – energy expenditure and energy renewal - doing less of what drains us and more of what energises us.”


Intentionally escape stress

So, if your day-to-day has become too stressful you need to make time for you to restore your mental and physical wellbeing. Escaping stress is not about hiding from it, but allowing some self-care and recuperation so you can revaluate the situations that are causing you stress so you can better handle them with a clearer head.

Escape kids, escape stress and plan some relaxing weekends away that have no other purpose except to de-stress and relax you. It doesn’t need to be a birthday, anniversary or Christmas in order for you to book some time away.

Let us be your escape

A Careys Manor Hotel and SenSpa we are in the heart of the New Forest National Park. The ideal escape where you can feel restored and reenergised. You can escape stress and breathe fresh forest air, give your body a chance to truly relax and your muscles the warmth and care they’ve been needing for so long.

Why not plan ahead and book a day at SenSpa and a relaxing weekend away.? That way you know an escape is coming when stress threatens to overwhelm. You can get out in the forest on a bike, go walking all day long or spend an entire day relaxing in the spa, if that’s what you need. This is where indulgence meets wellbeing, and your overall wellbeing is the key to handling that very real issue of stress.

Don’t let stress win, make changes and make time for you, so you can remove stress from your day-to-day life.

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