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Traditional Thai Remedial

Thai remedial massage uses slow, deep and rhythmic pressure to release pain occurring in muscles and tendons and to improve range of movement. It is an intense massage that focuses and holds pressure on points along the muscle in order to release pain. As pain is released, blood is able to flow through again, supporting the function, mobility and strength of the muscle. Some stretching of the body is involved, providing more flexibility and mobility.

Your treatment will begin with a consultation to establish where the problem lies and how best to treat you. This is followed by a massage and finally application of Thai herbs to help alleviate discomfort. Your therapist will recommend aftercare and simple movement that you can do at home to enhance results.

A course of Thai remedial massage is recommended as repeated treatment helps to ensure the pain has been fully released. Your body may feel sore and tender for a couple of days after the massage as this is your body’s way of healing itself.

You experience this remedial SenSpa massage fully clothed, wearing the Thai pyjamas provided.

Who is it suitable for?

People who want a focused massage using deep pressure and those who suffer from muscular pain or a reduced range of movement due to muscular tension.

Because Thai remedial massage focuses and holds pressure on points where pain is held in the body it may feel sore and tender during and after treatment. It is therefore not suitable for those looking for a relaxing massage.


Releases muscular pain and tension
Increases blood flow around the body, supporting muscle function
Restores energetic balance in the body
Improves range of movement

Recommended treatments and products

Heat your muscles in the steam room or sauna before the massage
SenSpa Thai pyjama set
SenRelaxing facial massage
SenSpa essential oil
Operations within 2 years
Stroke within 2 years
Heart attack within 2 years
Deep vein thrombosis within 2 years
Lung blood clot
Skeletal conditions
Rheumatic arthritis
Varicose veins

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