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SenSpa Occasions Vouchers

SenSpa Occasions - 10 visits for £45 each

If you enjoy using the luxurious spa facilities and would like indulge in that special spa experience regularly, SenSpa Occasions is perfect.

SenSpa Occasions is a booklet of 10 vouchers, giving you access to all of the fitness, relaxation and spa facilities for just £45 per visit*.

Plus, the vouchers are transferable, which means you can share them with your friends. And you can book additional treatments and lunch as you please to create your own spa days.

SenSpa Occasions costs £450 for 10 visits - making an ideal gift that could last throughout the year


Vouchers are valid for 1 year between Sunday to Thursday.
*Payment must be made for voucher booklet in a lump sum payment of £450 which entitles you to 10 visits. Up to 4 vouchers can be redeemed at once.

Price: £450.00
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