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Oriental Foot - 60 Mins

Focussing on the lower leg, from the knee to the tip of the toes, this treatment combines many techniques to release tension, relieve stiff joints, ease aches and pains and aid fluid retention. Firstly cleansing and exfoliating of the feet and lower leg initially increases blood flow leaving your feet feeling revitalising and refreshed.

Following this, a herb infused warm poultice penetrates deeper into the pores, lemongrass warms whilst tumeric reduces inflammation. Pressure points which correspond to all major organs in the foot are touched on to help restore balance and harmony and a mixture of Eastern and Western techniques relieve muscular aches and pains leaving your feet feeling light, soft and relaxed. This treatment finishes with a head massage aiding deep relaxation.

Who is it suitable for?

People who are on their feet all day, have tight, tense feet and calves and have fluid retention around the knees and ankles.
People who want to experience something different
Anyone who enjoys foot massage and sinusitis sufferers will benefit from this therapy.
Anyone who wants a relaxing treatment
Feet work very hard and can often hold a lot of tension. This relaxing treatment uses a variety of massage techniques from the east and west to ease away that tension. Anti-inflammatory herbs of lemongrass, tumeric and cassumunar help to soothe aches and pains leaving your feet feeling relaxed and renewed.
Ease stress and tension from within the feet, releases muscular tension, especially from the calf, relaxing the foot and leg and increases the blood circulation bringing fresh nutrients up to the skins surface.
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Severe varicose veins
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Bone / joint conditions
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